The Pastor and His Pulpit Essay

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Today! Some protestant denominations in Zambia seem to believe that sexual behavior is either too personal to legislate or too trivial to condemn. Society has tried to soften adultery by calling it an affair or living together. But sexual sin is heinous and devastation. However benignly it is described; the sting is just as painful in Family and in church as it has always been. It’s time for each pastor in the land to shout from the pulpit, by God’s grace and power, put a stop to such sin. The issue therefore is that pastors who compromise moral purity quickly come to understand how much their behavior displeases God. Though at first, they may be tempted to justify themselves, they soon learn from sad experience just how much irreparable damage such sin provokes. Neil B Wiseman and H.B London writes; “In today; permissive moral environment, it sometimes seems easy to accept the prevailing opinion that character does not matter all that much. But I have seen men’s lives, destroyed when they give in to such thinking and allow themselves to walk down the path of genuine immorality on others grievous sins.” It destroys their peace of mind and their quality of life. It often causes them to lose their family, their ministry, their good standing in the community, their Christian friendships and their self respect. This has more than it affects the pastor and his pulpit. A. S London writes; “We need the kind of love that meets suspicion with kindness, and hate with compassionate concern. Love will seek out the foulest, the penniless. Love seeks the lost sheep. It goes after the lost coin and longs and prays for the prodigal son. The life that loves will have its night of sorrow. A man who loves deeply will have his mid night hours as well to season of sun light.” The pulpit for any understanding pastor can be rife with difficulties. Nothing more greatly offends the

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