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The Past, Present, And Future Of Virtual Reality Essay

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The Past, Present, and Future of Virtual Reality
Heather Clark
INF 103: Computer Literacy
Professor Ray Fernandez
June 13, 2011


The Past, Present, and Future of Virtual Reality

The advancement of technology has been able to completely transform the way the
human race perceives different things about their lives. It has allowed people a different way tp
work and play alike. It has opened up doors to allow people to travel to places that they would
have never been able to visit in their entire lives. It has allowed our minds to be opened up to
new experiences that we would never have been able to experience, and possibly could never
have even dreamed of. Technology has brought us the advancement of virtual reality. Virtual
reality has been defined by Steve Bryson to be “The creation of immersion in a computer-
generated three-dimensional environment in which objects have spatial presence.” Or, as he
later simplified “Things as opposed to pictures of things.” (Virtual Reality (2003) para.1). Virtual
reality has become a technological advancement that has changed the lives of almost every
person in the world. Virtual reality is used to teach people to fly or even to allow one’s self a
break from reality by playing a role-playing game on your computer or console. Virtual reality
has literally changed our world and the way that we are able to perceive different things in it.
Virtual reality began to appear in the 1980s. It can be traced back to the research and
work of John Lanier and Jean-Jacques Grimaud at VPL Research founded in Redwood City,
California. “VPL focused on the provision of state-of-the-art human interface tools and is widely
renowned for producing the DataGlove device” among other technologically advanced ideas
and devices. (Kalawsky, (1993) pg. 34). John Lanier wanted a “new type” of computer

experience. He did not simply want someone to be...

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