The Passing Of My Father Essay

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The Passing of My Father The screams haunt me every single day. My Dad had been sick throughout the week and he couldn’t get comfortable. He couldn’t sleep and finally, that afternoon he fell asleep and never woke up. Don’t be so angry that you lose sight of how you feel towards a person you love. It all started that morning. I woke up and knew something was wrong. As I sat there, silently thinking to myself, I heard him walk in the room. He laughed loudly, while turning to say hi. It wasn’t the same; there was something different about the way he acted, smelt. I didn’t know much, but I knew for sure he had been drinking. All his promises, they’re all coming back to me, “I’ll stop drinking, I promise.” I promise, those two words haunted me as they repeated in my head over and over again, ‘Why?’ I’m thinking to myself… ‘Why does he always do this?’ “Penny! Please talk to me?” he said. I just ignored him because I know it would just be a fight if I said something. He kept repeating himself over and over again, “Yah know, there’s a lot more snow out here then there was as 1 o’clock this morning!” He would say it every time he would come downstairs from trying to take a nap. “Yup! You’ve said that about six times already, Dad!” I just kept cleaning, listening to him mumble to himself. “C’mon Penny! Hang out with me for a minute! Take a break from cleaning!” I had nothing to say to him…I knew he knew I was upset at him. He went upstairs and I was so used to him coming back down within fifteen minutes, but instead he stayed up there for a couple hours; until my mom got home. As my mom and sisters got home, my mom headed upstairs to go see how my dad was doing. I hear my mom from upstairs, screaming, “Michelle!!” she sounded out of breath and terrified; like something was chasing her. “Michelle! I think he’s dead!!” I had a million things going through my head

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