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The park is a place where many different people have many different experiences. The park is a place for kids to have fun, parents to relax from their busy lives, and older adults to admire and appreciate nature. Adults don’t have to just sit there. They can run and play too, with other adults, or their children. There are rivers in which you can fish, ducks that you can feed, and many other things that you can see or do. When you go to the park there is a wide variety of people to be found. Everyone is doing their own thing. When I was young we would go to the park and just run for hours while our parents watched. Now that I am grown and have a son, I get to watch him run around and play like I used to do. I recently took him to the park. He played on the slides and hardly wanted to do anything else: up the ladder, down the slide. Over and over again! It was fun to watch him being happy, like he just got a piece of candy. He chased squirrels around and around, until they went racing up the tree. He got upset because he did not catch one! Watching him feeding the ducks in the water was hilarious, because he laughed deliriously when they kept fighting over the bread we had brought along. As I was watching Braxton at play, I saw an older couple on a bench nearby, sitting so close together they looked like one. They just sat there, admiring everything around them. They were watching all the kids playing on the playground. Then they got up and moved to a bench closer to the river where the water looked like glass. The only thing stirring the water up was the ducks swimming around. All the couple did was sit there and look at all the things going on around them, hardly talking to each other. It was a calm, peaceful quiet. They were content. The animals in the park just want to run wild all the time. There were dogs chasing the balls that their owners threw to

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