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Nestled among a residential area just off of Highway 1069 in Ingleside, Texas, Live Oak Park is set back from the road and marked by a single brown sign. Live Oak Park is named for the scores of large Live Oak Trees that cover the grounds. Countless people frequent the park to play various sports, bird watch or to visit the fairs and festivals held there annually. Basketball and tennis courts are situated near the entrance to park along with public restrooms, picnic areas and parking lot. A dirt road leads to the rear area of the park where the fishing hole and baseball diamond are located. An eighteen hole disc golf course winds through the entire park. Live Oak Park offers something for people of all ages. In the morning, the park is quiet. A man is throwing his disc through a grove of trees. His disc hits a low hanging branch twenty yards away. He mutters under his breath. The sun has just come up and it is cool in the shade of the Live Oak Trees. When down wind from the public restrooms, the stench of urine carries across the park. As the wind shifts you can smell wild flowers and freshly cut grass. Various birds can be seen flying from tree to tree, calling to one another. At the fishing hole, the seagulls are in groups screeching, while the herons and egrets are slowly stalking the shallows for small fish or crustaceans. The surface of the pond is calm. Large mouth bass break the surface of the pond to catch low flying insects. A very large goose follows a fisherman and watches him closely. Not far behind the large male goose, two female geese are milling around in the grass looking for morsels of food. As midday approaches, a little league baseball came is starting in the nearby baseball field. It is around noon and the sun is directly overhead. The temperature has increased significantly and more people are arriving at the park. The fishermen have left the

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