The Pardoners Tale

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The Pardoner’s Tale The Pardoner’s Tale is a great story that portrays greed in humanity at its best. First, we have three characters that are in search for death, but they come across temptation instead. For example, the three rioters are in search for death, but when they find the gold, temptation takes over them. Second, the conflict that erupts between the characters is enough to inspire greed in anyone. For example, once they come across the gold the only thing in their mind is how to keep it for themselves. Third, the symbolism in the story leads us to clues that turned these characters against each other. For example, the old man pointed them in the direction of death, but what they chose to do with what they found only they are to blame. In this story of thrill seeking and death, the characters are easily influenced by their greed and thoughts of betrayal. By looking at the characters, conflict, and symbolism we can determine how this story is a great portrayal of greed as the root of all evil. The characters in the story play a major role in conveying the theme of greed as the root of all evil. First, we are introduced to the three rioters, who are irrational and are a representation of evil and wrong. For example, these three characters are in a quest to find death, but suddenly turn on each due to temptation and greed. Second, there is the old man who is suspected of being death’s accomplice to the rioters. For example, he is somewhat wise, but as a cause of his awareness he is not happy and actually waits for death, even though he escapes from it every time that he comes face to face with it. Third, death also plays a major role in the story because it is the reason why the rioters form an alliance. For example, the three rioters are in search for death itself, and the old man has escaped from it many times, but only the three rioters seem to

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