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Dominic Merrill Professor Walz Hist 105 October 14, 2009 Inanna's Self-Sacrifice Inanna is incapable of becoming Queen of the Underworld because her sister is already the Queen. Inanna desired too much; however, she had already obtained half of her aspirations through trickery. In turn, she wished to “rule” over the underworld as well. However, Inanna never desired to take over her sister's throne. Our heroine simply desired to explore the horizons of intellect and broaden her knowledge of what was. By traveling to the underworld, the place from which one does not return, she depicts an ideal of submission to the aspect of facing reality. The tell tale adage of “curiosity killed the cat” literally comes to mind when reading the story of Inanna's Descent. One can not simply stop at being content with what is their reality. Inanna is a perfect example of this; she is one who has conquered the understandings of two realms and [subconsciously] desires the hat trick. However, the third realm is death, the Underworld. In order to understand this third realm; one must obviously die. In essence, Inanna wanted to rule over the Underworld, Ereshkigal's domain, however it was not in a literal sense. Our heroine desired the knowledge the third domain contained, thus “she opened her ear to the Great Below.” (Kramer and Wolkstein 52) This metaphorical description of listening to the Great Below essentially sparks the curiosity of Inanna and literally leads to her death, irony at its finest. This journey is made solely to further her [Inanna] understanding of life. One who has experienced being: a woman, mother, queen, and one who has tricked the gods only has so much more in life to understand; but death opens an entirely different realm of possibilities. In dying, Inanna was able to see things from a different perspective. For instance, upon returning

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