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ACTIVITY 2 ACTIVITY 2 CAREER IMAGE ACCOUNTANT ACCOUNTANT Accounting is one of the important gears the keeps business going. Every industry needs accountants as a daily part of business to help in a variety of financial areas. There are many different types of accountants including public (CPA), private, management and government accountants. Accountants are dedicated to ensuring that the businesses and organizations they work for run efficiently. They do this by offering a growing variety of business and accounting services to each of their clients. Job duties of accountants vary greatly among the industry, however general tasks all accountants undertake include: •Making revenue forecasts •Performing general financial analysis •Developing client budgets •Analyzing financial data •Evaluating degree of financial risk •Writing administrative procedures •Appraising property and equipment Other responsibilities accountants have include keeping accurate public records, making sure taxes are paid properly and providing both internal and external auditing services for their clients. Because of technological advances, special accounting software packages have been developed. These various software packages enable accountants to keep, format and organize records, manage data and maintain auditing systems quickly and easily. Some examples include QuickBooks, MS Excel, Lotus and Peachtree accounting software. Benefits of being an accountant Accounting Offers a Wide Variety of Career Choices Accountants can pursue a wide variety of interesting careers. If you decide that you don't like the first one you choose, you can change. Options are as diverse as operating a small accounting business from your home to serving as an auditor of international subsidiaries for a major corporation, allowing you to

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