The Palin Effect Essay

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The Palin Affect? B The term “Reality T.V. Star.”, may be clear to some, but to most the definition is still hazy. It seems to always change from day to day, week to week. For instance the newest comer to the club (some would argue) would be Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sara Palin. Bristol has been a part of the cast of this 2010 season of Dancing with the stars. Sara Palin the ex-governor of Alaska, ex-vice presidential candidate of 08 for the republican-party and now a new “Reality T.V. Star” mom, with her own show Sara Palin’s Alaska. Has proven that no matter how you feel about her, you can’t help but admit she has star power. A few questions remain why is she so popular? How this has affected the nation? And with this new found fame will she run for office in 2012. Many people ask why is Sara Palin so popular all of the sudden, and is she worthy of all the attention after all she did not complete her appointment as governor of Alaska. Within the state many had negative words to say about her early departure from office, after the lost to the Obama camp in 08. But outside of the state many were on her side, stating how she had out grown that position. Pointing out how she had been thrust into the race for the oval office. How could she be expected to return to a simple life as governor, with all that national exposure? Many felt that she owed it to herself to explore the endless possibilities of her newly found fame. Her huge popularity can be contributed by most to the “Tea party” and the new book she is recently touring on. And the lack of luster felt for the Obama administration. Her ability to connect with an audience gives an edge that most can’t compare to. Self proclaimed momma bear, hockey mom has helped her to connect with many followers of the Palin starship. If you have kids of your own then perhaps you can understand how endearing

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