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Blakley 1 Stephanie L. Blakley October 10, 2011 English 91 .002 Leyton/McCormick PACT ESSAY The Pact is about three young men Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt, who bonded as young boys growing up in a lower class community in Newark, NJ. In there senior year of high school they were tired of their life style and decided to make a pact to attend college and become doctors. I chose to write about Sam, and how his social life involving peers, mentors, girlfriends, and friends played a great role in achieving his goal. When Sam was growing up in a poverty stricken neighborhood his peers were a great influence in his behavior. It’s prevalent that this type of environment does produce unsuccessful adults. Sam states, “Even as early as elementary school, the pressure was on to do what the other neighborhood boys were doing. The pressure was subtle: participate, or feel like a chump and risk being isolated” (33). When growing up, kids want so much to be accepted they sometimes get involved with the wrong crowd. Sam later discovered being accepted is not the route he wanted to go especially if it meant he had to be with kids that had no goals in life. The life of running with the in crowd puts you in bad situations, and you realize this is not the way you want to live. Sam was able Blakley 2 to recognize this and decided that this was the road he didn’t want to travel. Sam says “At thirteen, I was arrested for the first time and charged with shoplifting”. A friend set me up”(34). This is an example of how when you want to fit in or belong with the in crowd you will do what ever it takes. Sometimes as a kid you do things that your friends suggest, because you trust them and want to show your loyalty and

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