The Oxford Murders

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The Oxford Murders The movie, The Oxford Murders is an adaptation of the book “Crímenes Imperceptibles”, by the Argentine author, Guillermo Martínez. Even though the book managed to attract considerable number of readers, the movie failed to produce the same kind of viewership despite of following a similar plot. The Oxford Murders is a mix of mathematics and murder mystery, revolving around the paradox that there is no one way possible to know the definite truth; there could be, therefore, several explanations to the same problem which are equally logical and acceptable. Thus, the trouble with the one trying to solve the mystery is, there being an alternative for all his predictions based on the clues he might have received, leaving him unsure at all points of time. The movie opens with Professor Arthur Seldom addressing a public lecture, the inexistence of an absolute truth based on Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and therefore the futility of philosophy and its implied failure. Martin, a US student at the University of Oxford, who wants Seldom as his thesis supervisor, tries to impress him by refuting the conclusion drawn by Seldom based on the above mentioned theory, but fails to do so and is left embarrassed in front of the entire audience. Disillusioned and hurt, he decides to abandon his studies and return to his country, but there is a new murder mystery waiting for his attention as he reaches the place where he had been putting up. Seldom arrives at the place around the same time as Martin and they find the landlady sitting still in her armchair, dead due to choking. When the police are informed about the incident, the very first suspect is Beth, the landlady’s daughter who was the sole caregiver to her ill mother and that she resented bitterly. There is a twist in the plot when Seldom tells the police that he had received a note with his

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