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The Outsiders Script O: Hello and welcome back to the show. If you would like to buy the Adam Lambert album we just played to you, it’s titled “Excuse” and will be for sale on June 6th for $20. Now, we have some special guests we would like to introduce. Please welcome Pony Boy Curtis from the best-selling book: The Outsiders. Please also welcome the superintendent of NYC public schools, Kanye West. Kanye, why do you want the book to be banned from schools? K: Well, first of all, I think my life experiences helped me make this decision. I grew up on the streets of Atlanta without any friends or family. I don’t want kids reading about how hard life can be on the streets, and I especially don’t want them to learn all about the effects of drugs…show more content…
Due to triviality of this book being banned in NYC public schools, we’ve decided to vote on this issue on the show. If you think this decision actually is important, more schools are turning to different books for their literature throughout the year, and not this book. So I now ask the studio audience to vote Yes or No in regards as to whether or not this book should be banned from public schools. (Depending on the voting results, there will be alternate endings. If the book is banned, the superintendent would speak, and if the book isn’t banned, Pony Boy will speak) O: Okay. Now we have the results from out voting session. (Comment on the closeness of the voting, among other things, and then announce the winner) (If book is banned) K: I knew this book would be banned. It doesn’t belong on the desks of school children in New York City, and the voting proves it. (If book isn’t banned) P: Thank you Oprah for having me, and thank you for voting to keep this book in the city’s schools. If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly recommend it. O: Thank you for watching the latest edition of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Please join us next week when we have survivalist Bear Grylls and basketball star Jeremy Lin on the

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