The Other Wes Moore Essay

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Jodi Snyder Beth Stevens English 101 07/08/14 MLA Quiz At the end of the book, “The Other Wes Moore”, the incarcerated Wes Moore thought to himself “[t]here is a lot of money to be made”.Wes' brother, Tony, was constantly trying to keep his brother out the whole drug seen. Unfortunately he could not get through to Wes. Wes continued to keep himself in the mix, seeing how much money he could make to get new things and fit in with the cool crowd. Wes' mother, no matter how much she tried, she didn't make an impact on him either. (6,3)What Wes' mother, Mary, said to him at the point to where she had pretty much given up on things: Not only did you lie...but you were selling drugs and keeping them in my house! Putting all of us in danger because of you stupidity. I don't want to hear you sob story about how much money you owe. You will stop selling that stuff. I will be checking your room, and I don't want to see it in here again. Now get out of my room. (74) Wes couldn't remove himself from that life style. He got was blinded with the money and didn't seem to care about much else. The author Wes Moore didn't seem to care so much about getting money, it was almost like it was a nuisance that it a way, held him back. Going to a private school he tried to fit in. Being back in his neighborhood he also tried to fit in. (5) Wes was self conscience about the fact that he was poorer than the kids at his school, and his neighborhood friends thought he was to rich for them. He felt that he had to decide every week what he was going to wear to school. He even went so far as to borrow some of his sisters' clothes and just so it looked like he had new clothes like the other kids. Just hoping the other kids wouldn't recognize they were girls clothes. He could just imagine all the looks and finger pointing he would get.

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