The Other Wes Moore Essay

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Sierra Ashford Essay #3 Draft The Other Wes Moore Are we all products of others’ expectations? Or, are we products of our own expectations? Both Wes Moores talked frequently about expectations in the book “The Other Wes Moore”. When one sets certain prospects for others, they usually fall under that prospect. For example, if one expects someone to become successful then they will be successful. The author’s family’s expectation of him was to go to a military school and come out a better person. He did not agree with them at first because he did not want to be away from home, much less, be in a military school. His mom insisted that he attend while she spent most of her and the families’ money to enroll him. After a while, he got used to being away from home and accepted the changes, becoming successful and living up to their expectations. If one expects someone to fail, then, chances are they will fail. But to what extent should we hold ourselves accountable for our own actions? The incarcerated Wes Moore got caught up in the drug trade because of his love for quick money. His brother predicted that if he continued his involvement with drugs then he will end up in jail or dead. The outcome was just as he predicted. Even after hearing his brother’s warning, Wes still continued with the drug trade and incarcerated. Whether it is influential or not, people should be accountable for their own actions since they have the final say in what they do and hold power controlling their fate. However, it is only to a certain extent that expectations of others control one’s own outcomes. It could lead into another direction and do just the opposite. For instance, if one was to say someone will end up incarcerated or even dead, that person can turn that negative into a positive. They will fight to do whatever possible in hopes to avoid that outcome and turn it around,

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