The Other Wes Moore

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Leslie Benzion The Other Wes Moore 8/2/11 The Other Wes Moore The story about the two Wes Moore boy’s is about two children with the same name and living in the same city, trying to find their way in a challenging and at times hostile world. Although the two Wes Moore boys shared many similar racial divides, one became a Rhodes Scholar, decorated combat veteran, White House Fellow, and business leader. The other Wes Moore is now in prison serving a life sentence for murder. How could this be one might ask? In my paper I will attempt to answer from my observation about the book about these two boys and how this may have come to pass. For the sake of my paper I will identify the author as Wes Moore (A) and the other Wes Moore as Wes Moore (B). Both of the boys were raised by single black mother’s. Wes Moore’s (A) father, who was a respected radio and television host, tragically died in front of Wes when Wes was only three years old from an undiagnosed but very treatable virus that the hospital had misdiagnosed. Although Wes’ mother tried making it with her children on her own it was very difficult. His mother tried making life as normal as possible, however it became increasingly harder for her as time passed. She ended up moving her family to the Bronx as the children got older and ready to begin school. They had a lot of relatives in Maryland who were very supportive, however she decided to move back home to her parents and into the home she grew up in and had many fond memories of Wes’ (B) mother Mary did not have that option as a single parent. Her own mother died when

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