The Other Jeasus Essay

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Jesus in three religions When we think of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, there is one interesting factor that we should take into consideration: all these religions are interconnected with each other in the sense that they all acknowledge this one figure in their cultures; yet the Jesus we might know personally is a complete stranger to us on the other side of the planet. How is it that we can grow up reading the bible and understand every facet of Jesus’ life, only to find out along the way that he is seen in a different light in another religion? While there are some similarities concerning Jesus among these three religions, there are many more differences shared. If you happen to find yourself in the Middle East, in the world of Islam, you should prepare yourself for a meeting with Isa. Then again, if you find yourself in Israel, you should prepare yourself to encounter Yeshua. Jesus may have been only one man, and may have lived only through his death, but we can go to any remote place on this earth and find his name spoken in a multitude of tongues. We can look at Jesus as a concept and accept that he is all the things that he claims to be, no matter how much of a contradiction he is to himself. Christianity, Judaism and Islam have many differences besides how to spell his name, so what are they? In the realm of Christianity, Jesus is the center of it all. He is the Son of God (Mathew 16:16), the anointed one who has come down to sacrifice himself for the sins of the people, and he is the medium through which we communicate to God. The belief behind Jesus is that through his death and his resurrection, sinful people can be forgiven and enter the kingdom of heaven through the reconciliation with God. According to the bible, Jesus was resurrected by God and he ascended to heaven, and shall return again to judge the living and the dead, and to fulfill the

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