The Other Emancipator Essay

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The other Emancipator There is an enemy within. Forces of news media that take advantage of the dense American public have found an archenemy amongst them. The adversary was once branded off as a crude and reckless form of criticism that has now found a favoring among young audiences. This foe is parody, which has its birth in television. It now morphs to mirror the nature of our society and ridicule its big brother, the media, through thought provoking and calculated material. The rationality of parody as an adversary to something like television programing and news is logical, because parody is seen as a threat as it has transitioned itself to critique and analyze the entire news and media and its tactics. South Park and The Daily Show with John Stewart( when the Daily show is referred it also is reference to the Colbert Report) are now breaking the chains of drone like absorption of societies standards and news' interpretation of events. Parody, has become the emancipator of its time. It shouldn't be an insult to establish the art of parody as an one dimensional practice of criticism. This is a common tool of critics to downplay the role of parody claiming it as a rude and unsophisticated form of social education. Parody, is thus given more power and creativity to lash out against social tradition of counting on the news, progressing the modernity of social criticism for young people. Parody is the grand mixture of cartoon like irony and absurdity, along with the nature of our social culture. Through the lens of how one has been brought up to react to shows such as South Park, Family Guy or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, there is a distinct and paramount significance of parody today. Though it's said that parody does us good by ridiculing our injustices, prejudices and abnormalities, it has the bigger mission of acting as a challenge to the traditions of

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