The Origins of the American Civil War (January 2008 Paper, Ocr)

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January 2008 Question A Both Sources A and C are against the idea of secession, they both believe it will be a bad thing. However the sources oppose secession for different reasons. Both sources present the idea that secession is wrong. It is clear that Source A is opposed to secession on economic grounds, as it believes that the Northern economy will suffer greatly at the expense of Southern secession, it claims that ‘the South’s first move would be to impose a heavy tax upon the manufactures of the North and an export tax upon the cotton used by Northern manufacturers’. The writer is evidently worried that the Northern economy and trade which had been much stronger than the South’s will ultimately suffer and decline as a consequence of the South setting up the confederacy. This shows how the writer fears an exploitation similar to that of the 1828 Tariff of Abominations which the South felt was unfairly exploiting them. The writer of source A also claims that through the South seceding they would look to form alliances with European powers and seek to ‘cripple’ the North. ‘Cripple’ suggests that the sole aim of secession was to harm the North rather than to benefit the South for future, possibly as some kind of revenge for the grievances they had previously suffered from the North. However Source C is also opposed to the Southern idea of secession but different reasons, the writer is worried about the potential and likely outbreak of Civil War and believes that the future of the Union is in the South’s hands. Firstly the source says ‘No state, on its own, can lawfully get out of the Union’, suggesting that the Northern writer is against secession on legal grounds as it deemed to be wrong. Following this, Source C gives what seems like a personal appeal to the South in which the writer says ‘in your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen and not in mine, is

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