The Origins of Make Up Essay

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The History of Make Up. Origin of makeup and original ingredients. Beauty is defined in the Webster’s dictionary as “the qualities that give pleasure to the senses and exalt the mind”. One person may find something beautiful but another may consider it to be average or even ugly. Hence the constant debate through history about what is beauty and what is just another phase. Over the centuries makeup has continued to evolve and during this time both men and women have enjoyed the indulgence of face makeup. The earliest historical record of makeup comes from the 1st dynasty of Egypt and the Egyptians seem to have been credited with perfecting the use of cosmetics. This is not to say that the Egyptians were definitely the first to ever use makeup, rather they were among the first to document the importance of face makeup as a part of culture and religion. In those days’ oils, perfumes and makeup was not strictly for aesthetic beauty even though early Egyptians are seen to have been extremely vain. Makeup was treasured and ritualised, kept in special jars that were packed into make up boxes and even taken to parties were it was placed under their chairs. Egyptians were extremely aware of the beauty of soft skin and seductive eyes. It is almost impossible to find an ancient Egyptian whose eyes were not decorated. The most popular make up colours back then was green, black and indigo blue, which were all made from natural colours. Blacks were made from kohl, which is composed principally of a sulphide lead called galena, and was sometimes deepened further in colour by using soot. The black eyeliner that this made was not only to protect beauty, but to deflect light, and as an antibacterial agent to ward of infection. Green eyeliner was also used, with both being applied to the upper and lower rims. The Egyptians used two main types of eye makeup, Udju and

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