The Origin of Earth Essay

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Maguayan and Captan bestow a shining light upon the bodies of Liadlao, Libulan, and Lisuga, thus terning them into the sun, the moon, and the stars, respectively. Maguayan and Captan mourn the destruction of their grandchildren. Maguayan succeeds in calming Captan. Licalibutan is not given any light but is instead planted with a seed that grows into a bamboo tree from which spring the parents of the human race. Lidagat and Lihangin beget three sons Licalibulan, Liadlao, and Libulan and a daughter Lisuga. Licalibutan becomes ambitious plans to and plans to attack his grandfather’s kingdom in the sky. The gods Maguayan and Captan agree to have their children, Lidagat and Lihangin, marry. Captan accuses Maguayan of ordering the attack against him, but Maguayan denies it. Lisuga heads for the sky to search for her brothers. The still angry Captan throws a lightning bolt at Lisuga and shatters into many, many tiny pieces. Liadlao is stuck by a lightning bolt and melt. Captan fight back with lightning bolts. The three brothers attack the sky kingdom of Captan. Initially the brothers are unable to tear, down the gates of the sky. Libulan reluctantly agrees to participate in his brothers planned act of rebellion against Captan. Licalibutan is struck by a lightning bolt and shatters into many pieces that fall into the sea. Libulan is struck by a lightning bolt and melts into a ball. Licalibutan heaves a mighty blow and shatters the steel gates of sky. Licalibutan and Liadlao persuade Libulan to join attack against the sky. Lihangin dies and leaves control of the winds to Licalibutan. Lihangin,
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