The Orang-Utans And The Angry Woman

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Essay: The Orang-utans and the Angry Woman Is about the different ways of raising a child and the mothers love to her kids. The story brings up the old fight human vs. animal. Who is the best? Who is the cleverest? The story tells us that an orang-utan can be just as good as a human to raise a child and sometimes even better. A maternal instinct and a maternal felling is always the same weather you are a human or an animal. Sheena is thinking about what goes on around her. Sudden she notices a woman she does not think is so attractive “A huge woman with frizz of orange hair on top of her head” “She ranted over the child, the flesh of her big upper arms jouncing as she wagged…”. It’s the “angry woman”. The woman is punishing her daughter, which Sheena can’t put an age on: “Hard to tell how old the little girl was”. “How old was this kid – six, seven?”. Even though the woman doesn’t hit her child, Sheena does not like her way of punishing the child. And that is understandable, who would like a pair of underwear full of urine in their face. The angry woman sticks a pair of knickers into the face of her daughter, because the daughter was not able to hold back herself from urinating. Therefore the angry woman will probably not take her daughter out in the future: “”I can never take you anywhere,” said the woman hoarsely, and shoved the child away from her”. All this happens while Sheena’s boys are playing and hanging over the bridge rail “they had noticed nothing”. She has raised her kids well and she knows how to get them to do the things she wants, for example when she wants them to come with her and leave the zoo. At first “her boys set up a below ten times louder than any sound the little girl had made. Reminding them of ice-cream van just inside the zoo gates, she slotted each child’s arms through his rucksack straps…Experience had shown her that this was the way to

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