The Opposites Essay

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e The Opposites EINDHOVEN - ‘’Maak de vloer vrij in het midden en kies een kant, links of rechts. Niemand staat in het midden. We tellen dadelijk af vanaf 3 en dan rent de rechterkant naar de linkerkant en rent de linkerkant naar de rechterkant. *Music starts* 3,2,1, GO!’’ The Opposites are 2 singers/rappers who call themselves ‘The Opposites’ because they’re in everything the opposite from each other. Willem (Willy) is small and has a dark skin tone, while Twan (Big2) is tall and has a white skin tone. These two rappers started when Willem was in high school and he had to make a rap for his teacher as a punishment. Willem noticed he had talent for rapping and decided to go on with rapping, together with his pal Twan. They became addicted to Hiphop, so they say. There were boys and girls with an age of 14 to 25 years old. During the opening act, which was ‘Adje’ and ‘Fit’, the audience wasn’t really loud. There were a couple of guys who already drunk too much and they were noisily, but the main audience wasn’t satisfied with the opening act. When Adje and Fit informed The Opposites, the audience woke up and began to yell. After a couple of songs, the audience still wasn’t jumping and going mad, so the rappers thought of something that might help. They said that we had to clear the floor in the middle and choose a side, right or left. They started the next song and suddenly counted down from 3. Then the left side had to go to the right side and the right side had to go to the left side. From then on the whole audience was participating in a big party where nobody stood still. Especially when the more famous songs came, like ‘Sukkel voor de liefde’, ‘Slapeloze Nachten’, ‘Licht uit’ or ‘Broodje Bakpao’, the audience went crazy. The two rappers didn’t take any break, but because there were more rappers (with who the Opposites made some songs), sometimes the other

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