The Open Window

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H.H Munro’s short story “The Open Window” illustrates that how Vera deceives Frampton when she tells her tall tale about her aunt who waits for the return of her husband and two brothers lost in the marsh. Vera recognizes that Mr. Frampton would be a perfect victim for a little "romance at short notice," and she makes an elaborate story about her aunt's "great tragedy." Moreover Vera doesn’t want that Mr. Frampton settle down in the countryside. In addition, Frampton needs a complete rest without any sort of mental excitement. So that’s why he comes into the country-side. Apart from this, Vera is Very talkative, selfish and liar. Vera tells a lie to Frampton and her aunt, because she is so possessive girl. Therefore she needs an attention. She wants that people talking to her and this really meant lots to her. First of all, Vera is a very self-possessed girl. Through dialogue, At a First meeting with Mr. Frampton, She realizes that Mr. Frampton would be a perfect victim for a little “romance at short notice”, because she asked Mr. Frampton that is he knows anybody in this village. For example Vera asked "Then you know practically nothing about my aunt?" pursued the self-possessed young lady. "Only her name and address," admitted the caller (1, Munro). He knows a hardly a soul in the village. At that moment, Vera made up a tragic story. In the same way, Mr. Frampton blindly believes the story of her aunt. However Mr. Frampton has a doubt somewhere, because he realizes the masculine habitation in the room. But he ignored and focuses on listening Vera’s words. Through characterization, Vera is Selfish and liar. She is only 15 years old. But she knows very well how to act according to the circumstances. However Vera was scared when her aunt enters in the room, because Vera knows that she told a lie to Frampton. So she has a
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