The Open Boat, a Tale of the Sea

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The extract from The Open Boat, A tale of the sea by the author Stephen Crane is set in the 19th century on a dinghy in rough seas. The boat is of the coast of a beach. There were four men on the small boat, a captain, an oiler, a cook and another man. The men appear to be stranded in the sea on a small boat and they are trying to keep in afloat on the rough seas. Although they are near land they cannot see anyone who could rescue them. The author has written the extract in third person. Most of the extract includes dialogues between the captain, cook, oiler and the other man on the boat. The main themes explored in are about survival and the power of the sea. The tone expressed is miserable and fretful due the men’s fear that they will drown in the sea. This tone is involved throughout the passage telling the readers that they have not yet reach safety on land and are using all their energy to keep the dinghy afloat. In the extract she is used as a metaphor to represent the dinghy. The author builds up the power of the sea and the tough situation the men on the boat are in, mostly in the beginning of the passage. The passage starts by telling the readers that the men are scanning for signs of life on the costal stretch. The sea is very rough with strong and high waves. This caused a huge problem for the men on the boat. The rough sea makes it difficult for the men to keep the boat afloat. The boat was being carried away from the cost by the tide, wind and waves. The men had a tough time rowing the boat towards the island since they were being continuously being pushed away by the tide, wind and waves. The author conveys the power of the sea directly with the use auditory imagery such as, roar of the surf, thunderous and mighty. This gives the reader an image of how powerful the rough sea that the men were facing was. The author also explains clearly the situation

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