The Online Classrooms Essay

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Technology has generated many opportunities for people to have the capabilities to go back to a university in the comfort of their own home. Although some problems arise it is a very effective method of earning your degree. Innovations have created the means in which degrees are accessible to everyone whether they work full time or take care of children. In today’s online learning technology is a crucial tool. It offers professors new means to improve their students learning experiences and offers students the ability to learn whether they are at home or work. Ten years ago accessibility to an online classroom would have been difficult without the use of mobile apps that we use nowadays to post assignments. It is also now accessible all over the world and there are many fields in which you can earn your degree which would not have been prevalent ten years ago. Online schools are now accredited and offering graduate degrees as if you were on an actual campus. Things such as E-books have also made the learning experience easier because we have the ability to access our text from our phones and other portable technology devices. Online school is a lot more cost effective than attending school on campus, so it is very easy for people to pay back student loans. User friendly systems have also added to the new online learning experience. Professors are very tentative to meeting student needs and offering any help they can. Students should definitely explore the many differences between asynchronous and synchronous learning before selecting how to interact academically. With synchronous learning all students have class at the same time in diverse places. “With asynchronous learning, which is Ashford University’s method of delivery, there are no set times for everyone to gather together. There are weekly assignments and discussion board postings, but students do not
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