The Ones Who Walk Essay

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Amanda Tuetken PHI 112-1N2 Reflection paper 4 February 17, 2011 The Courage to Walk Away It is interesting to think about the suffering of one or the death of a few as a means for happiness. At first glance the thought of the unhappiness of someone for the happiness of everyone else, doesn’t seem so hard to agree with, especially without a real concept of what that really means. After reading, “The One’s Who Walk Away From Omealas” disgust sets in for this child and they way he is treated. A child so innocent and pure has to endure through a nightmare because the people of Omealas would prefer an easier life. The people of Omealas seem to believe that there is a value to their own happiness and their own prosperity but do not mind that it doesn’t mean the same for everyone. It appears as though that value of one has no value at all. When in reality the value of just one is what makes the value in everyone. The ones who walk away, who leave Omealas are the ones who have the conscience to know when some is right and when it is wrong, to know that the pain and suffering of a child is not worth the joy they are able to experience. The ones who left did not see the value in living in a lie and being happy for the sake of this child’s misery. It is a shame that the rest of the town could not have the courage and the decency to the same so that this child may have a life too. Based on what I have learned this week about utilitarian’s, a rule utilitarian and a act utilitarian would look at this story and be in full support in the misery and abuse of this child because it is making a multitude of people live happier. According to the reading, these were the rules in order for the town to still prosper and for everyone to be happy and
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