The Oneidas At The Battle Of Oriskany Analysis

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Diana Stafford Paper #3 Art 103 w-02 The purpose of this paper is to give you my take on the painting “The Oneidas at the battle of Oriskany”, also descriptions of the objects and their qualities that bring out emotion in me and how it affects me. And thinking about how the artist Don Troiani had intended for the viewer to respond and if he was successful doing that. Before this semester at Broome Community college I never even considered what art was. A copy of this painting I am writing about is hanging in my living room and has for about ten years. I never looked at it once or even thought about why it was there. The painting is awesome to me because it depicts all different kinds of people fighting with and against each other with many different weapons and overall something about a bloody battle gets my blood flowing. The dead and dying people in the painting make me feel sad that they are losing their lives, but on the other hand it makes me very happy to think why they died in this…show more content…
And now after this assignment means a lot more to me. My husband is directly related to Hon Yerry and Two kettles family in the painting. And my husband has a very extensive opinion on the painting as well. Also this painting makes me wonder if the United States government will ever change their views of American Indians or so called savages. Considering the Oneida Indians owned all of New York State and some surrounding areas and now they own thirty two acres in Oneida New York they got a bum deal for all the help they gave the United States. Don Troiani intended to get a response similar to mine from white people but also he instilled pride into the Native American in his painting. He wanted people to remember the sacrifice the American Indians made for a country that just stabbed them in the

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