The One thing Essay

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Your name. Your name calls my heart with a longing desire; turning my once lost dreams into something much higher. Once my heart ached but at the slightest glimpse of your presence has become numb. Numb to all the things of life. Numb to the point where pain is non existent. The wind blows the wonders of my life through the fields of history. I’m left with the future before my eyes and I see you. I see you planted into the depths of my soiled heart and by the shine of love growing, growing pass the darkness and sorrow, giving life, life for tomorrow. Your name calls my heart with a longing desire. The feeling of pain becomes retired. Together our bodies become known in the presence of touch. You see not only does the warmth of touch reflect the feelings among the heart but it defines the essence of control, and right now our minds are pencils drawing us closer to each other... Creating the perfect picture of romance with lust as our canvas and even though we fittt I just can’t explain ittt. This is love is the shit but itt slowly finds its way down lifes drain, bringing back the pain of yesterday’s same. Im not much with words but this down casting effect of love has really took its toll, down the hill does our love roll, turning my warth into cold, explosions of touch, sorrows implode. I should of listen to the words pappa told, he say boy love aint worth much these days betta get when you can, see truthfully I never understood that man, love once in my hands I tried

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