The One Cild Policy In China

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The one child policy In 1979 the one child policy was introduced to reduce china’s population as it was increasing rapidly. It was a law which was enforced for couples to have only one child. However if that child was a girl many couples were allowed to have a second child and no more; it wasn’t very common as many couples were only allowed to have one child regardless if it was a boy or girl. Before the one child policy was introduced, mao the founding father of the People's Republic of China encouraged people to have more than one and banned contraceptives. However he began to question things and feared the threats posed by to many people in china and encouraged a policy where ‘late, long and few’ urged couples to get married later, wait longer to have children and to have fewer children, preferable one. Then after his death the one child policy was introduced and it is still carried out today. The one child policy has had a great success in reducing the population. In 1970 on average a women in china had around 6 children, after the policy was introduced, a women has 2. The policy has had a huge effect on the population this was clear between 1970 and 1980 when the birth rate dropped from 44 per 1,000 to 18 per 1,000. A Chinese official said that the policy has prevented over 3million births which is equivalent to Europe’s population and it has helped reduce poverty and also it has changed china’s economic growth. Couples who followed the one child policy were rewarded with a one-child glory certificate which entitles them to benefits such as better housing and health care, extra months’ salary every year until the child is 14 and the child was enrolled into school. Women who waited until they were over 25 to have a child were rewarded with an extended maternity leave when they got pregnant; these privileges were taken away if the couple decided to have a
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