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I think the problems are that the norms of the 1950's were wrong and people got too involved in other people’s business. I feel that most people during the 1950’s who discriminated were ignorant as hell and didn’t understand what was really going on. I feel like people who were forced to act a way that was considered to be the right way or thing or grew up in a family that were brought up to hate people of color were the people who had the most problems and secrets that society wouldn’t even accept. During those times, people were so quick to judge someone only to distract people from their personal lives and problems. For example the scene where Frank and Cathy are arguing about her spending time with Raymond and Frank shows Cathy his strong feelings against equal rights amongst all races when he in fact had a secret that was considered wrong to society. People today have come a long way since then and are now more accepting of interracial and homosexual relationships but there is still a problem with homosexual relationships today and there are people still out there fighting for rights of LGBT people . I believe it’s no one’s business who a person chooses to date or be seen with. This brings me to the part in the film when Cathy tells Frank that he is "all man" and he was just going through this problem. Society is fucked. This scene shows how being homosexual during the 50's, was a problem to society because it just wasn’t “right” to everyone around them. During this time it made it seem like because you were gay it made you less of a man. It was just a shame how ignorant and uneducated people were and what they thought during those times. The thoughts and reactions towards interracial relationships during those times were stupid and ridiculous. And in someone berating their boyfriend or girlfriend, people have arguments and I feel its best that others keep

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