The Olympic Games Essay

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In Greece 3,000 years ago the Olympic Games were born. The Greeks Believed in gods so they honored them by showing off their athletic abilities. Every 4 years a festival was held; and during these celebrations all fighting stopped. The Celebration was held at the foot of Mount Olympus; the home of the gods. The festival was large and important for the Greeks because its location and religious purposes. To show respect the Greeks built a large temple and stadium to hold the games. During the first games all events were foot races only. First only men could compete, later women and foreigners could compete. Pageants, parades, feasts, and rituals were added as well. Around 100 B.C. the Roman Emperor Defeated Greece. The Olympics declined for many years. Around 393 A.D. the Roman Emperor declared an end to all games because of contradiction and Christianity. In 1889 the games returned. A French educator named Baron Pierre de Coubertin encouraged athletics for the youth so the world would better understand each other in hopes it would promote peace. In June of 1894 a group of representatives met and formed the IOC. They then decided to have an international competition. Every 4 years it would be held in different cities. The first modern Olympics were in Athens, Greece, in 1896. The years during the World Wars (1916, 1940, and 1944) the games were cancelled. These first games were only summer sports, the winter sports were included in 1908 when ice skating made its first appearance. Ice skating and Hockey both came to play in the 1920’s. People enjoyed the winter events so that was deemed worthy for a separate winter Olympic sport. In 1924 winter games were held in France there were 300 athletes from 16 nations. The modern Olympics represent a worldwide sporting friendship. The symbolic element of the 5 interlocking rings stand for the 5 continents. The colors used are

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