The Olympian Religion: The Mystery Cults In Ancient Greece

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The official religion of Ancient Greece was the Olympian religion. Of course that religion lacked a major element. That element was the emotional connection that the Greeks feel towards the Gods. During the Hellenistic period mystery cults began to thrive and most Greeks joined them to fill the emotional void that the Olympian Religion had. A cult is a religious group that exists on the fringes of religion. These mystery cults were all different, yet they all had major elements that were common throughout them. All Greeks wanted to have salvation and eternal life so that was the foundation of all the mystery cults. Also many Greeks wanted to have an emotional connection with a higher power. These mystery religions formed so that Greeks could have that emotional bond with a god/goddess. All mystery cults were exclusive and you needed to join to be a part of one. Each cult has its own initiation process and rituals that prospective members must do in order to join. All mystery cults had a central doctrine and a book of beliefs. This is something that the members did not try to understand they just had faith in it. The bible is an example of a book of beliefs used by all forms of Christianity. Along with the central doctrine of faith most mystery cults had secret rights and rituals that only members of…show more content…
In Lucius Apuleius’ Metamorphoses, Apuleius describes different religious rituals that go on in different countries. Apuleius also talks about the characteristics of mystery cults. He talks about, initiation rituals, life after death, secret rituals and rights that the cult has. The excerpt focuses mainly on the rebirth and salvation and eternal life. This is a big belief and it connects the Greeks emotionally with their god/goddess. It is also a very spiritual journey for the Greeks. This is something that only happens if members led a spiritual good moral
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