The Old Neo-Gothic Capitol: Louisiana State City

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LOUISIANA STATE CAPITOL The old Neo-Gothic capitol built by the architect James H. Dakin on the banks of the Mississippi in 1847, is one of the most distinguished examples of Gothic Revival, its floor plans, towers, exterior stained glass windows and gables give it appearance of a 15th century Gothic Cathedral. The architect himself referred his design as “Castellated Gothic” due to its decoration with cast-iron, which was both cheaper and more durable than other building materials used at the time. The building design was unusual and distinctive that its romantic, medieval appearance earned the Old Statehouse ridicule from the timelessly famous author, Mark Twain. The old Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which…show more content…
The capitol houses the Louisiana State Legislature, the governor’s office, and parts of the executive branch. At 450 feet (137 meters) tall, with 34 stories, it is the tallest capitol building in the United States, the tallest building in Baton Rouge, and seventh-tallest building in Louisiana. It is located on 27 acres, the Louisiana State Capitol building is a National Historic Landmark. The Louisiana State Capitol has been around since the 19th century, the building features sculptures depicting scenes from Louisiana and U.S. history. Engraved into the stone around the main entrance is the quotation “We have lived long but this is noblest work of our whole lives…..The United States take rank this day among the first powers of the earth, said by Robert Livingston on signing of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. During his run for governor Huey Long started the construction of a new, modern capitol building to replace the old Louisiana State Capitol in…show more content…
His study for the classics, led him in the design of the Nebraska State Capitol. The sculptor early in life he demonstrated artist ability and at one time worked in the studio of Beaux-Arts Sculptor Augustus Sait-Gaudens. Both of these magnificent structures were used to house government official and conduct everyday businesses for their state, there history have change the course of time for everybody to marvel at the accomplishment that have been achieved by government official and workers who has grace those halls of

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