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The Old Man and the Sea: Santiago's Struggles Essay

  • Submitted by: Gmpitts16
  • on August 11, 2013
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Gina Pitts
Mr. Culotta
English 2
February 23, 2013

The Old Man and the Sea
Some novel characters are boring because of their lack of skill; others have so much it’s almost unrealistic. Santiago is one of the latter.   The Old Man and The Sea recounts the tale of Santiago, the old man, and his attempt to catch a large fish. He struggles trying to fight past the limitations of his body whilst clinging to this large fish by nothing but a rope. During this struggle Santiago is cut and bruised up by what could be summed up as Mother Nature. The fish, and the man’s own body present the toughest obstacles for the man to overcome.
The fish pulls Santiago in his skiff for two days and two nights. He holds onto the fish with a rope attached to a hook inside of the fish’s mouth. The rope is wrapped around Santiago’s back and over his shoulder. Not only does this put enormous strain on Santiago, who, mind you, is an old man, but he is pulled out when he has no food and only a single bottle of water. The fish also periodically jumps out and lunges in the water, this takes the man by surprise and pulls him over: Once he gets cut below his eye, another time the rope pulls through his hands and he gets a rope burn. Another time he is pulled forward out of his sleep, punches himself in the face and receives more rope burns.   He rinses his wounds in the ocean. Not one day into his journey the man’s hand cramps up. He is almost unable to keep holding on to the rope and the fish.   Eventually his hand does uncurl but after twenty-four hours without sleep the man’s mind begins to cloud because of fatigue. He lays down to rest but he only gets a few hours of sleep: Not nearly enough. Then, after he kills the fish, the trail of blood attracts multiple sharks. The man fights the sharks tire him even more. The man also suffered internal damage shown when he cough ups blood after the second altercation with the sharks.
Santiago was challenged by forces out of his control during his...

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