The Office Bully Essay

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Yaidelyn Alonso The Office Bully, by: Hawkins, K. DeVry University Stephen Carter September, 6, 2014 Some employers may be working with a bully, and not even know it. The Office Bully by Kathryn Hawkins mentions virtuous points of this concept. The issue with bullies is when you think you have escaped from them, they can ultimately return and become your boss. Although you may think they have potentially matured and progressed as people, they are actually still stagnant in an oppressing manner. In my opinion, they will use whatever power they have against you, especially if they become your boss. Kathryn Hawkins mentions alerting and effective arguments in this article. She mentions Carole’s personal experience to create an informative virtue. Bullying is a form of aggression that affects others and it could be verbal, emotional, or even physical bullying. Perhaps it’s because of psychological issues as a child that may force them to become antagonistic, or to compensate for there own insecurities. As a child everyone has felt that they had to put up with the bully at school. If all you did was go running and telling an adult then it would be worse and the bullying wouldn’t stop. But what do you when it’s happening in your workplace? It is said, you should most definitely report it but before hand make sure to write every incident that has occurred, like that you are well prepared and know every detail without forgetting about it. If there needs to be a confrontation always do it in private and if you are not comfortable then most definitely you can bring a third part in. All the tips provided in this article are of great magnitude on what needs to be done in order to deal with a bully, in the appropriate way and that you are so much better than that and one should not stand for it, specially when you work hard to be where you are. I can sense that

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