The Odyssey vs. O Brother Where Art Thou?

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The Odyssey vs. O Brother Where Art Thou? This essay takes a look at how the 2000 film, O Brother Where Art Thou, resembles Homer’s The Odyssey. The two films are set in two different time periods, two different settings, and have main characters that are almost opposite in a sense, although they both go through similar situations while on their journeys. Ulysses Everett McGill or Everett, the main character in O Brother Where Art Thou, is a man from Mississippi who escaped from jail. Odysseus, the main character in The Odyssey, is the king of Ithaca, who sets out to fight the Trojans. They are two very different men, with very similar expeditions. Aside from their similarities and differences, Odysseus and Everett share the same main goal: to get back to their family no matter the circumstances. O Brother Where Art Thou is set in 1937 in Mississippi, during the Great Depression. Everett and two other prisoners, Peter Hogwallop and Delmar O’Donnell, escape from a chain gang at Parchman Farm. They set out to find treasure that Everett said to have stolen and buried. They only have four days to find it before the valley where it is buried becomes flooded to be a Lake. While trying to find the treasure, the three escapees go through an interesting series of events. Everett’s main concern is getting back to his wife and seven daughters with the help of his two accomplices, Pete and Delmar. The Odyssey starts out on a much happier note. Odysseus and his wife have their first child together, a boy, who will take his place as king of Ithaca if he happens to die while fighting against the Trojans. He is forced to leave his family behind soon after his son is born, and sails out to go to war. He and his crew end up getting lost on their way back from Troy and going through a series of events just as Everett, Pete and Delmar do on their journey home. One of the many

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