The Odyssey Summary

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The Odyssey Long years after the Trojan War the Greek hero Odysseus still hadn't arrived to his home and wife in Ithaka. Many thought he was killed in battle. The auther of The Odyssey informs us differently though. According to Homer, the author, Odysseus is a sex slave on an island where the goddess is Kalypso. The god of sea, Poseidon, does not like Odysseus and intends to keep him captive.. Being a sex slave does not appear to bother Odysseus, he never intended to escape from the island. His son in Ithaka, Telemachos, is a teenager with a sour character who is hungry for answers to questions involving to his father's death. This hunger is satisfied mommentarily when Athene, a goddess who knows Odysseus, encourages him to search for the answers he so wishes to know. Telemachos accepts the suggestion and travels to visit the king of Pylos, King Nestor. Telemachos is treated with great kindness by Nestor, who takes him in and offers him a feast of a dinner. The young man is once again encouraged by the idea of getting a step closer to find answers when King Nestor tells him to go see King Menelaos in Sparta. Telemachos follows his thirst for the truth once again and sets off to Sparta. The truth is finally revealed to young Telemachos. He discovers that his father is alive! He's informed of the place where his father is being held captive on the island of Kalypso. Telemachos also learns of the heavy tension that surrounds his family. He reveals how King Agamemnon was murdered by his wife Klytaimestra and her lover, Aigisthos. The drama raises the question, will Odysseus be murdered as well? If so, would Telemachos seek revenge? As Telemacho takes the news in, the plot back home to kill him once he returns home continues without his knowing. On Mount Olympus, a place only gods are allowed access into, Athene begs her father Zeus to show mercy on Odysseus and

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