The Odyssey and Room, a Critical Analysis

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Amanda Walsh Ms. Weston ENG 3U May 2nd 2013 The Odyssey and Room, a critical Analysis Throughout life people encounter many trials and tribulations, which help them to grow and discover who they truly are. This is demonstrated in Emma Donoghue’s novel Room and Konachalovsky’s film The Odyssey, based on Homer’s epic poem. Thus without the separation and departure stage, the hero would miss out on important lessons and initiation experiences. Similarly, the road of trials is imperative for the hero to discover themselves through different learning experiences, so they may prepare themselves for the return. Consequently, for a hero to be completely successful, they must experience the return to be at peace with their journey. Without each step of the journey, the hero would lack experience and miss important lessons learned along the way of the journey. The separation and departure stage of a hero’s journey is imperative, because it starts the journey and gives the hero confidence for the most difficult trials to come. The first stage of the journey, the call, is crucial to the overall success of the hero because it sets the journey in motion. In the case of Room, the main character Jack turns five years old, and his mother knows this is the time for them to escape the treacherous Old Nick and the claustrophobia of the eleven by eleven foot room. “ Don’t you want to escape”? “Yeah only not really”…“Lets just stay”(Donoghue113). Although Jack does not know he has to respond to the call due to the danger he is in while he stays in room, his mother pushes him to accept the call to adventure. In the case of Odysseus in the movie The Odyssey, his call to adventure is the Trojan War. The goddess Athena shows herself to Odysseus and tells him he must go to Troy to defeat the Trojans (The Odyssey). Odysseus is obligated to honor his commitment to the other kings of

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