The Odyssey Essay

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The Odyssey - Study Guide Introduction/ Background 1 How are the Gods in Greek Culture similar and different to humans? 2 What is a myth? 3 What is an epic poem? What elements of Homer’s The Odyssey show that it is an Epic poem? D. Why do we still read the Odyssey today? Book 1 1 Why does Homer call upon the muse? 2 Where is Odysseus when the book begins and why? 3 Which God defends Odysseus to Zeus? Book 2-4 1 Who does Telemachus have to go speak to in order to learn about his father’s journey? What possible peril waits for him at home? Book 5 1 Who does Zeus send to tell Calypso a message and what is that message? 2 Why is Calypso mad about Zeus’ message? 3 What does Odysseus have to do to get home? Books 6-8 1 Where is Odysseus? Book 9 1 List the places mentioned in this book only that Odysseus went to. 2 What type of person is Odysseus portrayed as when he is on the island of the Lotus Eaters? 3 What type of person is Odysseus portrayed as when he is on the island of the Cyclopes? (Hint:there are 2 different characteristics shown) 4 Identify two points while on the island of the Cyclopes where Odysseus ignores the advice of his men with negative results? 5 What is foreshadowed in this section? Book 10 1 What does Circe turn the men into? 2 Why is that significant? 3 What does Odysseus have to do in order to get Circe to turn his men back into humans. (The entire process, and be accurate but also appropriate). Book 11 1 Where is Odysseus in this book? 2 Who must he speak to here? 3 What does Elpenor ask of him? 4 How did Elpenor die? 5 How did his mom die? Book 12: 1 List in order the events in book 12: 2 What plan does Odysseus devise in order to

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