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The Odyssey Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Odyssey" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Page 975 definition: an epic is a long narrative poem about the deeds of gods or heroes.

Page 979 definition of an epic hero: is a larger-than-life figure from history or legend.

Page 1020 definition of an epic simile: sometimes called a Homeric simile, is a elaborate comparison that may extend for several lines.

The Odyssey Review and Assess

Page 985

  5. (Part A) They forgot about there homes; they become addicted to the Lotus and the men that ate the Lotus wanted to do nothing except stay there and eat the flower they wanted to do so for the rest their lives. (Part B)   I think that this episode suggests that Odysseus’ men may be strong, but are not that smart.(Part C)  I think Odysseus acted appropriately because if he had left his men on the island, he would not know what happened with them. The natives could have even killed the three men! As a good leader, he did what was best for his three men even though they did not want to go on the ship. Also, the men would probably forget about wanting to stay at the Lotus Island after staying on the boat for a few days.
6.The ways is similar are:   War still exists, human emotion is still the same (that's why the poem is still interesting today, I think), the longing for home, love of a wife and child, sailing a ship can still be dangerous. The ways it is different is: Personal honor was highly prized, the ritual of absolute hospitality for a guests no longer exists, personal vengeance was the norm as opposed to punishment by the State government. The Gods take a personal interest and act upon it.  
  Page 1004
  3.(Part A) They expect to be treated well, because hospitality is a culturally expected thing. Part B)   he tries to eat his guests, not very nice, or hospitable.

Page 1017

2.(Part A) The sirens lure men to their death by singing to them. Their songs are so beautiful that the men are unable to resist coming over to them.   (Part B) The danger from the sirens is much...

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