The Odyssey Essay

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Gender Portrayal- The Odyssey January 29, 2013 Paola Mejia-Silva World Literature Chad May South University Online The Odyssey is a tale of many adventurous, one gets to meet several characters that show a human nature to them even when this narrative is based on myths. There are male characters as well as female and even creatures one has never seen. Men are shown in a rather masculine manner; very strong, prideful, defending what they believe is theirs. With this said there are also weak men within the story, men who have trouble fighting for what they believe in such as Ulysses’s son Telemachus, even though he wants to stand up for his mom he is unable to do so because he lacks confidence and belief in himself (Homer, 800 B.C.E). With the main character Ulysses one is witness of the ever-changing feelings one as an individual has to encounter. Ulysses as the main male of the tale shows heroism, agony, faith, happiness, valor, and just an array of emotions. He and his men fit the stereotype of men overcoming their feelings, at times hiding their fright and doubts about the journeys ahead. Within the tale of the Odyssey men are also weak to the enchantment of women; they are easily seduced even when they might not love the female character. Take for example when Ulysses falls subject to the charm of the legendary sirens (Homer, 800 B.C.E) he begs his men to let him loose of the ship’s mast in order to be able to get to the sirens. In a way men are looked at as weak when it comes to the female human flesh, this is not only true within The Odyssey but in real life as well. Overall the men in this narrative are very confident because no matter what they believe they will make it home without regard to the roughness of the situation they might find themselves in; this is especially true about Ulysses who is the leader of most of the males. In the

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