The Odyssey Essay

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Essay 1 It was the middle of a mildly hot school summer day; a pleasantly cool morning, with the afternoon temperatures hitting a high of 85°F, mellow enough for a jaunt into the unknown. With enough steam driving my actions and having a sidekick to travel with, the world seemed a small place for our designs. What we simply forgot to factor into our adventure was the reality of the physical dangers we were exposing ourselves to. The day began as any other with the onset of basic chores which were the order of the day, before the beginning of classes. With the results of the last test we had taken, I knew it was only a matter of time before I received my punishment. Even back then I was known for my flair for the dramatic, and having such a captive audience as I had found in my friend, simply encouraged me to convince her that the only way out of our misery was to carry out a daring escape from our supposed incarceration. My logic was that if people could escape from highly secured prisons, surrounded by dozens of guards, what could stop us from doing the same in our less guarded surroundings. And so there we were, two young girls, ready to take on the world and prove that we could survive on our own with just the basic minimums and two heads filled with some elaborate fantasies. We decided that our best option was to travel as lightly as possible and so as soon as the rest of the school as went down to the sporting grounds, we broke into the school kitchen and procured sustenance for our journey. With my adrenalin pumping high I turned to my partner in crime and said to her, “This is it Delta. We either go big or go home” to which she replied, “well Chantelle, we are on our way home!” An absolute thrill coursed through me as I turned towards the door and said to her, “Then we had better start making treks.” And so off we went with our steals, ensuring no

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