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If you could summarize the Odyssey into one word what would it be? Navigation, loyalty, hope, perseverance? The theme of a literary work is the major underlying idea used in it. Authors use the theme to clarify the inspiration for why they started writing. Themes bring the work together and give it a meaning. Homer, the author of the The Odyssey, uses several themes in his epic. Homer uses the themes of leadership, perseverance, and bravery to give his writing more meaning. The first major theme of the Odyssey is leadership. Leadership is shown early in the story. Telemachus is stepping into his fathers shoes and calls an assembly with all of the suitors. This is the first assembly that has been called since his father, Odysseus, had left. Telemachus speaks with assertion. Hve says "No longer live the crackers of my court; All to your several states with speed resort" (Homer 151). Telemachus is realizing that his father is not home and he must now start making decisions. Later in the story, Odysseus shows leadership among his crew by escaping from the Cyclops. Odysseus gets him drunk using the wine they brought from the ship, and when he collapses from intoxication they blind him with a burning staff. They then safely escape to their ship. In this battle, Odysseus takes control of the situation using wits. The second theme in the Odyssey is perseverance. Telemachus thinks to himself, "If only the gods would give me such strength as he has to take revenge on the suitors for their overbearing oppression. They force their way upon me and recklessly plot against me. No, the gods have spun out no such strand of prosperity for me and my father. Now we must even have to endure it" (Telemachus 205). Although Telemachus wants to avenge himself on the suitors at his house, he

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