The Odysseous Story Essay

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Bailey Pennington Mrs. Schuette English 9A 25 October, 2012 In The Odysseous by Homer, getting back to Ithica is not just the destination, but the journey. Just like in The Odysseous we have jouneys our entire lives and goals to help us reach them, but we must also face obstacles and avoid temptations along the road. Like Odysseus, we all have long-term and short-term goals to realize. In life, we all have something we want or a goal to reach that we will fight for or waork ambitoussly to get, just as Odysseous is willing to fight his way back to his wife and son, Telemachus, back in Ithica. Just as any other human being, Odysseous has a set goal in his mind where he will face temptation, obstacles, and emotional pain throughout his jounay back to Ithica. On our journeys we all must give into or resist tempations that may decrease or increase the chance of reaching our goal. Each person has given into atleast one temptaion at some point in their lives. One temptaion Odysseous willingly faced was listening to the Sirens’ songs. Odysseous did not collapse into temptaion and begin killing of his suitors, instead he his in disguise and waiting for the right moment, Odysseous also defied temptaion when he did not reveal himself to the people around him, instead waited it out. Temptation is not the only thing to obstruct our expedition. We all face obstacles, like Odysseous. A common obstacle we face is when we find someone we cannot compare to or get along with. A good example of this is when Odysseous had to evade the Cyclpos. People also dont always avoid problmes or trials in thier way, sometimes people stand up and face them. One case of this is when Odysseus confronted Antinous, who tried to overcome his kingdom while he was away. People also come to points where the reach to choices and must pick the least hazordous of the two. Such as when
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