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The Odyssey is an epic story of Odysseus, his journey home, and the trials he encounters on his way. Due to a selfish statement against the gods he is punished and prevented from returning home. During his journey he is subjected to temptation and many obstacles that prevent his return. Odysseus uses his intellectual power to overcome situations still that relate to society today. After Odysseus leads the defeating blow to the Trojans he proclaims his superiority over the gods. His tells them he single handedly defeated the Trojans and did not need the gods help. This angered the gods and when Odysseus and his men leave to return home they are caught in a storm. “The storm was a result of the statement Odysseus made to the gods” (Robert Halmi, Francis Coppula, Fred Fuchs, and Nicholas Meyer). Odysseus’s pride had taken over his logic and led him to say things he will regret. The storm leads them to the island of the lotus eaters. Once they arrived Odysseus sends his men to explore the island. “His men find the lotus eaters and try the lotus themselves. They instantly lose the desire to return home and Odysseus must use force to get them back on the ship”(Skidmore). Ignorance is bliss and this is an example of how easily you can find trouble if you are not careful. As soon as all of his men are on the ship they leave the island and eventually sail to the land of the Cyclopes. Again Odysseus orders his men to explore the island. They find a cave filled with sheep and cheese where they welcome themselves to a meal. The inhabitant of the cave soon returns, Polyphemus the son of Poseidon. He becomes angered with his guests so he closes his cave with a massive stone and eats two men. Odysseus knows they can not move the stone so he devises a plan to trick the cyclopes into moving it for them. Once they have Polyphemus drunk on wine they heat a wooden spear and drive

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