The Odd Couple: Two Heroes on Two Epic Journeys

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Jeremiah Green Professor Green Lit 201 December 30, 2012 Dear Prof. Green: In my reading of the Greek stories I was intrigued by the heroes known as Odysseus and Aeneas. These two men were great figures in the shaping of history and the teachings that these men give that have shaped the culture that we have today. These men have had their stories retold countless times throughout history in order to inspire and teach young men and women of adventure. These stories have also taught myself the basic fundamentals of being clever, and the power of my words. These men, embark on an epic journey that prove them worthy of the title hero. When someone completes an epic journey and is seen as a hero for his or her actions then they are known as an epic hero. This is very true is our lives today, even though people do not view the world the same way as Homer and Virgil did, but the sense of excitement for an epic journey is still there. I wrote about these two men to explain how they may be different people, from different teams in the Trojan War, but have similar attributes and the same adventure that we all wish to have in our lifetimes. I have a hard time to keep word counts to a minimum for the fear of not making my point valid enough in my papers, but if there is anything that the professor can teach me on this matter, I’d be happy to learn. I also used one out of text source, but it is of the overall text. I am not familiar with MLA style format but I tried my best to make sure it met the specifications for the rubric. Sincerely, Jeremiah Green Jeremiah Green Professor Green Lit 201 December 30, 2012 The Odd Couple: Two heroes on two epic journeys Rarely is a hero born without an epic, throughout history, there
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