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The Obligation to Endure Essay

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Laura Petersen
The Obligation to Endure
By Rachel Carson

    Rachel Carson has an incredible statement through her article where she shows

How Life on earth is being affected everyday by the environmental changes humans

have imposed; such as nuclear explosion chemicals, chemical insecticides and industry. My opinion is these are some of the main causes of the adverse effects on the earth. I agree with her article very much because it is time for everyone to know how the earth has been changed in a negative way; by some technological advances humans have created.

    ear explosion through the air like strontium 90 have affected the environment forever.   It first reaches the soil trough rain, then it enters into the grass to pass through the food and lastly into our bones. These nuclear contaminants are only harmful to us as humans, but to our whole ecological system, like rivers, plants, animals or anything that drinks and eats from it.

Chemical insecticides represent a huge controversy for those who truly need to get rid of pests.   Any human will feel discomfort with rodents running around, but if you truly pay attention to the idea of pesticides being poison, would we still buy it.   Safe pesticides should be affordable for everyone.   They can be prevention to many poison accidents yearly.

Industry is an incredible powerful source where people only think in dollars amounts.   Have this people forgotten that our families future depends on what we do today for our planet.   It is extremely difficult to hear the truth, especially if it is going to cost you.

By the words of Jean Rostand, “The obligation to endure gives us the right to know.”   This quote helps some of us understand the necessity to change the way we live and to love our planet.

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