The O Reilly Factor, The Colbert Report

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When anything happens in the government the news is there to report and stand by to inform the people . The people of any nation must have the right to know what the government is doing. The media is that subway between Capital hill and Main Street USA but more so today then ever before this subway has occurred detours that we do not even know where we are going or where we are headed. The media is an essential evil that a country must endure. To prove this point we will examine The O'Reilly Factor, The Colbert Report, and Nightly News. First off, what is fair and balanced? Is it reporting the news with "no spin (zone)" or perhaps it is being truthful,honest, and reporting the facts without exaggerating the details. Well Bill O' Reilly does not do any of that for he is opinionated and loud willing do anything to get his point across to the world. Maybe that why his show is the highest rated show of the three major US 24-hour cable news channels and also that he began the trend of opinion-oriented prime-time television. But never the less Bill O'Reilly no matter how right or wrong he might on some issues he distorts the news. For example on February 5, 2009 his show talked about…show more content…
Ironically The Colbert Report is a copy of the O'Reilly Factor except in a more comedic fashion. What does this do for the Government. Well again it puts a detour in the way of the government. Now instead of having just opinionated news now we are having a opinionated news that is exaggerated for humor. On his show February 5 2009 Stephen Colbert joked about the stimulus plan. He stated "the stimulus bill i going to pay back Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's election campaign." Though this might be humous we have to remember that some people can not separate between what is real and what is supposed to be a joke. Which is why this distorts the image of the
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