The Nursing Process

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The Nursing Process The nursing process is a five step process that helps nurses critically think and attain information that will help the nurse meet the patient’s agreed-on goals for better health. The steps involved in the nursing process include assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The purpose of the nursing process is to diagnose and treat patient’s responses to actual or potential health problems. This five step process allows for flexibility in all clinical settings and makes it easier for the nurse to “think through” the patient’s clinical problems.
The assessment portion of the nursing process is a way to gather as much information about the patient as possible. The assessment includes a physical examination and collecting the patient’s vital signs such as temperature, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation levels, blood pressure, and pain level. The purpose of the assessment is to establish the patient’s baseline health levels so there will be a database to refer to. A patient interview is also included in the assessment portion of the nursing process. The interview will help the nurse gather information about the patient that may be helpful in a diagnosis.
The diagnosis portion of the nursing process identifies any problems from the gathered information from the assessment step of the nursing process. This involves analyzing gathered data, and identifying health issues. The diagnosis is the basis for the nursing care plan. Without a diagnosis, a care plan cannot be put into action.
The planning portion of the nursing process is all about making long term and short term goals relating to the health of the patient. It involves identifying priorities, and problem solving. Establishing expected outcomes is also part of the planning process. Outcomes will help determine the type of care that the

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