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Tajarae Thomas UAP Writing LAB/ Professor Fischer “Thematic Short Story Essay” Final Draft July 10th, 2013 “The Nursery” “Oh, I hate you!”…. says peter after his father shut off the nursery room. This story “The Veldt” was written by Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) and published in 1950. The Veldt was produced into a movie and was broadcasted to the world in 1989. The story is about a family that live in an automated house called "The Happylife Home," the house was filled with machines that did everything for them like cooking, cleaning, rocking them to sleep , clothing them, etc. The two children in the story Peter and Wendy are fascinated/ obsessed with the nursery, their parents Lydia and George are starting worrying about the children. When the parents decide to turn off the machines in the house, the kids are not too happy about it. In this short story, Bradley points out that neglecting your children can result in them acting up and resenting you because of you not being around for them and the children not giving you respect to. Lydia and George are not good parents to their children. Lydia never cook meals for the kids, she would press a button on a machine that would make the food in an instant and gave it to her kids. The dad George cares more about his “Happylife” home than his kids. When Lydia first tells George about how she is worried about the kids and how the nursery was stuck on the Africa theme, George tells her that there was nothing wrong with the nursery because it is perfect and the children just loved the Africa theme. Lydia and George never spend quality time with their kids. The parents would do their own thing, while the kids would isolate themselves in the nursery. As parents they should know how to handle/deal with their kids, but they didn’t know how to. So when a problem comes about with the kids, they called the physiologist

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